Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee is ViolinDoc, PianoDoc, MultiTalentDoc

His other activities include running, playing piano, violin, making web pages, and search engine optimization.

He is sponsoring the charity event

Dr. Calvin Lee, MD was born in New York City and grew up in Rockland County, New York.  He gradually made his way to Brown University (he was accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and many other universities) where he received an undergraduate degree in Neurosciences.  He also performed brain related research during his years in medical school which was also at Brown University.  He met his wife, Dr. Tammy Wu at Brown University.  His neuroscience background brings a scientific background to acupuncture. After medical school he pursued General Surgery training at Case Western Reserve and Southern Illinois University.  While at Southern Illinois University, he received a teaching award for teaching medical students and surgical residents.  Formal medical acupuncture training was obtained subsequently at Stanford University with Joseph Helms, MD leading the courses.  He is currently an assistant professor at UC Davis for teaching surgery to family practice residents, physician assistants, and medical students.  He was given a teaching award in 2006 for teaching UC Davis students.  Besides acupuncture, Dr. Lee has an active general surgery practice which includes a comprehensive treatment of veins.  He is board certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery.  He came to Modesto in 2003 and worked with the McHenry Medical Group and served as a Trauma Surgeon for Doctor’s Medical Center (DMC) Modesto.  He started his own practice in Modesto in 2006.  Surgical Artistry, Inc, is the name of his practice with Dr. Tammy Wu. 




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