Boris Adam

Boris Adam is ParachuteDoc


Boris Adam had got to know parachuting in Australia and is practising it now in South Germany.


Dear Mr Ellenberger

finally comes my contribution for your website:

my name is Borris Adam, born June 30, 1970. I am specializing in surgery, working at the Main-Kinzig-hospitals, right now at the city of Schlüchtern.

I got to know parachuting during a stay in Australia in 1999. Anyways I had been interested since my youth but at that time had no means to realize it. During my Australian time I had the occasion to get my parachuting license for 1.500 Australian $. After my return to Germany a friend told me about the dropzone in Schlierstadt and I joined the team there.

My first jump was a tandem jump and from this moment on I was fascinated by this sport/hobby!

Just in case someone is interested I would recommend to make a tandem jump (about 180 €uro). Though it might be dangerous to become afflicted to an expensive passion……!


Borris Adam

Comment by Wolfgang Ellenberger: Thank you so much, Borris for your perfect contribution!

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