Berend Goos

Berend Goos was ArtDoc

pencil drawing of the Harz mountains | Bleistiftzeichnung “Harz”

Berend Goos (1815 – 1885 Hamburg) was pharmacist who had a pharmacy near the town hall Hamburg. When it was destroyed by the great fire he re-built it. Then he had to quit his job for a desease and fully concentrated on painting.

Goos, who was born as the son of a pastor in Hamburg, spent his time of apprenticeship with Dr. Georg Eimbicke (1771–1843), a student of the famous pharmacist Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff (1770–1837) from Erfurt. Afterwards he attended the private institute of Heinrich Wilhelm Wackenroder (1798–1874) in Jena and enrolled at the University of Kiel. He learned from Christian Heinrich Pfaff (1773–1852), a professor who had previously worked as a pharmacist. In 1839, he passed the pharmaceutical exam of Schleswig-Holstein. He acquired a pharmacy in Hamburg in 1842, which was destroyed by a big fire in the same year (17). It was one year later that Goos rebuilt his pharmacy at the town hall market square. An ear disease forced him to abandon his profession. From now on, Goos dedicated himself completely to painting. In the history of art he was highly regarded as a landscapist and in genre painting. Two pictures – ‘The Raftsmen’ (‘Die Flößer’) and the portrait of a man – are located in the ‘Gallery of Art’(‘Kunsthalle’) in Hamburg (18).

gallery selling pictures from him


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