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Dear colleague Ellenberger

It is a pleasure for me to send you a photo for the web. It has been shot in the Wallis Alps in the area of Trento.

IPPNW Activität in Basel vor dem Rathaus

speaking as president of the Basel Peace Office

My environmental activities consist of two groups, the medical doctors of environmental protection and with energy politics at the medical doctors of social responsibility. We are working against atomic war.

Even if not every colleague can be active politically it seems to be important to be active in one or another form. Since our profession still receives a lot of respect and doors open more easily we can achieve something!

Besides this I play tennis, sometimes also Alp Horn (!), I am singing as bass in the Basel Vocal Ensemble and I go jogging, apart from the mountain climbing. As founder and member of the Basel “association for medical cooperation” I visit our partner hospitals in Serbia and Zambia on a yearly basis and teach there.

An actual project is to supply 70 egyptian hospitals with x-ray equipment. My special task is to assure not only the correct installation of the machines but also the correct use by the staff!

Hoping that these informations are useful I send my warmest greetings

Andreas Nidecker

Prof. Dr. med. A. Nidecker
Universität Basel

Thank you, Prof. Nidecker!
This nice e-mail with information about your NON-medical activities is perfectly the spirit of

Let us hope many others will think and act the same way!

Wolfgang E.

Charity in the “Basler Förderverein für Medizinische Zusammenarbeit”




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