Alfredo de Pietra

Alfredo de Pietra is GuitarDoc and JournalistDoc

Alfredo De Pietra was born in Potenza, (Italy) in 1955. Actually he lives in Palermo, Sicily (Italy).

He began to listen to Irish music in the mid-seventies: his first musical passions, regarding this music, were for the Chieftains and the Bothy Band.


During the years he has enlarged his music knowledge of Celtic music, listening mostly to Celtic music for the guitar. In 2000 he put online a web site:
( devoted to Celtic music, very popular among the Italian fans of Celtic music.

Since 2001 till today he has been one of the main contributors of the monthly Italian CD/magazine “Keltika”, for which he has written dozens of reviews, articles and interviews with the main Celtic musicians from allover the world.

Alfredo De Pietra is also a Doctor in Medicine, specialized in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, and works as family doctor in Palermo, Sicily.



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