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Alexander Heisler (* 21. Juni 1949 in Königsfeld im Schwarzwald) is a German event manager and founder of the well-known Zelt-Musik-Festival in Freiburg and medical doctor.

For the 30th anniversary of the ZMF Heisler presented a photo exhibition with 200 pictures in a Freiburg bank lobby.

He studied lay, journalism and behaviourism (as part of biology, naturalist sciences). He also worked as a film assistant for a well-known camera man Walter Frenz and last not least was the personal assistant of IOC vice president during the Olympic Summer Games in Munich in 1972.


IN 1972 he founded a concert agency Audimax Klassik- und Jazzkonzerte Freiburg, before he founded the ZMF – ZeltMusikFestival (TentMusicFestival) in 1983 which had losses during and because of the Soccer World Championship in Germany in 2006. He is still in the programming team having withdrawn from the presidency.

He plays the flute and often participated in the Jazz sessions during the festival.



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