Admir Hadzic

Admir Hadzic is BluesDoc and much more

Dr Blues has spent his entire life wrapped around music from all of its aspects. Early on, he worked as a roots DJ, fronted own bands, worked as a recording engineer in Europe and USA (Stone Tone Studios), engineered instrument amplification and sound enforcement systems.

In the past decade alone, he has shared the stage worldwide with the top NYC and national acts such as NYC-Blues-Hall-of-Famer Hugh Pool, Barry Harrison, Zach Zunis, Mason Casey, James Wormorth, Sim Cain, Tom Papadatos, Jason Ricci…to name a few. Dr Blues is also a screen-play writer and the author of several best-selling textbooks (McGrawHill) and a practicing anesthesiologist. His current focus is on his work as Bass Chair and leader of the Big Apple Blues, the blues-roots-fusion band whose music has been classified by critics as “Big Apple Blues Sound”.

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