Achim Silberhorn

Achim Silberhorn is RockDoc

Silberhorn is practising as ear-nose-throat doctor and besides makes some rock songs in Bavarian dialect and is active in the politics of his town.

There are many little festivities in Bavaria! There are nice traditional songs, but Bavaria is lacking a real Pop Hymn.

Many musicians have tried to fill this gap and none of the tries made it on long term. Achim Silberhorn from Neumarkt
(ear-nose-throat doctor, CSU representative and member of the band “Midlife Greisis” [midlife crisis] is now heading to conquer the
Bavarian pop scene. He formed a professional rock band for “Ludwig rocks” and recorded the song “Echte Bayern” (true Bavarians).

Idea, lyrics and music comes from Silberhorn who took the producer Ray Watts in the boar who arranged the song.
Watts is well-known for many hits with DJ Ötzi who have been very successful.

The song is full of humour and works on typical bavarian patterns, also using scenes from the famous story
“Ein Münchner im Himmel” (A guy from Munich in heaven). Passages from electric guitar and pop rhythm with a
well-done refrain, in between a sort of hymn and a surprising final with a polka.

Listeners have confirmed this seems to be a real hit and Silberhorn hopes it arrives in the hearts of the people.



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