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Ottomar Domnick

Ottomar Domnick (1907–1989) was MultiTalentDoc

…has been specialised in neurology and psychiatry with an own hospital in Stuttgart/Germany.
He was accomplished as one of the most active collectors and supporters of contemporary arts in Germany after WW II. He was author and director of several films, supported contemporary films. He played Cello and organised events with works of contemporanean music.

To continue his and his wife’s (1909-1991) work is the main task of his foundation. Continue reading Ottomar Domnick

Beat Richner

Beat Richner is CelloDoc, ClownDoc and CharityDoc

Beat Richner
Beat Richner

This CelloDoc from Switzerland is so-to-speak “Mother theresa” from Cambodia. Since 1992 he has built 5 (!) childrens hospitals in Cambodia and fund-raised 80 % of it mainly in Switzerland strongly supported by his Cello recitals…..

Visit his web site (see below) and make donations for his incomparable humanitarian work! Continue reading Beat Richner