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docs who play the violin

Sathya Bernhard bin Saîf

Sathya Bernhard bin Saîf is SingingDoc and much more

Sathya Bernhard bin Saîf began to play violin at age 2 ½ with her father Prof. Majid ben Saîf, violinist and conductor.
At age 5 she started her violin career with Mozart’s violin concerto on wrd November 1970. From then on she performed in all major concert halls in the world and won several international competitions. She was taught by Isaac Stern and Yehudi Menuhin.
A long illness discouraged her later that year that her grand-mother -Letabel bin Saîf who was opera singer and pianist- gave her a read record player and a record of Maria Callas. This voice motivated Sathya so much that she promised: “Whenever I get well again I sure become opera singer!”. She kept this promise with great pleasure. Continue reading Sathya Bernhard bin Saîf

Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler is BalloonDoc and MultiTalentDoc


Hallo Wolfgang,

a couple of months ago you have asked me to report about my hobbies. That is a little risky because I am helping many prejudices by that….. Continue reading Rolf Schindler

Ching-Hong Kao

Ching-Hong Kao is ConductorDoc and ViolinDoc


Having enjoyed 20 years of orchestra violin playing, sometimes concertmaster, including Taipei City Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra , ROC National Army Symphony Orchestra, and Taipei Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Playing: 1994 San Francisco (for American Academy of Ophthalmology), 1995 Taipei & Brisbane, Canberra (with PCOT) Continue reading Ching-Hong Kao

Hans-Ulrich Brandt

Hans-Ulrich Brandt is TangoDoc, ComposerDoc, PianoDoc, ViolaDoc

His composition about the “Moabit Sonnettes” by Albrecht Haushofer was very successfully performed in Berlin end elsewhere. He founded a Tango trio and performed Tango music, as Violist he participated at PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera, world´s first Doctors Opera Company. Continue reading Hans-Ulrich Brandt

Melanie Aalburg

Melanie Aalburg is SailingDoc, ViolinDoc CharityDoc and MarathonDoc

Melanie Aalburg
Melanie Aalburg

Date of birth: 07.04.1974
Place of birth: Berlin (Germany)
Place of living: Berlin

Between school and university I worked for several months as a volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) in the slums of Calcutta (India) . The strong impressions encouraged me to study Medicine… Continue reading Melanie Aalburg

Albrecht Hempel

Albrecht Hempel is ViolinDoc and EventDoc and more…..

Albrecht Hempel
Albrecht Hempel

He played at the international friendship recital American/German Doctors Orchestras in Berlin Philharmony in 2005, then was vice concert master of the PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera, world´s first Doctors Opera company. He organises medical events and contributes to congresses organisation as in the video: Continue reading Albrecht Hempel

Philipp Bonhoeffer

 Philipp Bonhoeffer is ViolinDoc, ViolinmakerDoc and CharityDoc

philipp bonhoefferThroughout his career Philipp Bonhoeffer has followed his interests outside medicine. Since childhood he is an active musician playing the violin and the viola. He has keen interest in violinmaking. Since 2010 Philipp Bonhoeffer has expanded his interest into the world of violins and has started building violins under the guidance and in associating with the violinmaker Stefan Peter Greiner.

Continue reading Philipp Bonhoeffer

Heinrich Klose

Heinrich Klose was InstrumentbuilderDoc, ViolinDoc and FlyingDoc

Heinrich Klose (1937)

Heinrich Klose (* 31. August 1879 in Ibbenbüren; † 19. November 1968 in Bad Eilsen) was a german Surgeon and University Teacher. He was one of the founders of the Medical Academy Danzig.
He could fly airplanes and learnt building violins which he also played. Continue reading Heinrich Klose