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docs who play the trumpet – no matter which style

Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg

…was BreweryDoc, TrumpetDoc, CharityDoc and more

His brand of UeliBier Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg (1919-2005) was born as son of a priest in Basel. As radiologist he founded the Radiological Institute of Basel.  Politically he was member of the LDP where is accentuated speaches were famous. He founded a private brewery since he did not want to support the cartel of the big breweries. He was very successful and the brewery brings out 5 different beers of high quality. Continue reading Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg

Joas Zuur

Joas Zuur is TrumpetDoc


Joas Zuur (Secretary GSBB Board, Trumpet)

Joas started playing the cornet when he was 8. He has played in the local Brassband in Damwoude, ‘Koperensemble De Waldsang’, and the big band of the same school. Currently Joas also plays in the praise band Breeze for weddings and other projects. Since 2013, he joined the GSBB as a great opportunity to learn and practice trumpet, but most of all to enjoy making music together. Joas is just finishing his medical degree in Groningen and will continue working in Assen as a medical doctor at the hospital. Continue reading Joas Zuur