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docs who produce in studios no matter if audio or video

Desmond Long

Desmond Long is -so far- the only CalypsoDoc (and ex-PoliticDoc) and more

…in this video he is being presented for his entry in politics and shown on stage (without sound though!).  Sound here!

Unbeated is the seven times calypso monarch, the Mighty Pep, real name Desmond Long, a medical doctor by profession and former parliamentarian. Pep has had an illustrious journey in the calypso arena starting by first winning the crown in 1987 with ‘Unborn Child’ and ‘Learn from Them’. Since then his rise has been meteoric winning the crown the year after and in 1992, 1994, 1995, 2002 and 2009. Small in stature, Pep has the talent and usually the songs to capture audiences and judges. Continue reading Desmond Long

Denny Zeitlin

Denny Zeitlin is JazzPianoDoc, ComposerDoc, WineDoc, MountainBikeDoc, StudioDoc, FlyFishingDoc


(abstract from an interview:)
Denny Zeitlin:  “In order to maintain two careers, I have had to focus on what is at the “heart” of each field for me.  In psychiatry, it is treating patients and teaching residents.  In music, it is playing the piano each day, composing, recording, and an amount of international touring that does not interfere with my psychiatric responsibilities.  Both fields involve deep communication, and when I am at my best, a kind of “merger” with my patients, or the music and musicians I am playing with.” Continue reading Denny Zeitlin

Wolfgang Ellenberger

Wolfgang Ellenberger is MultiTalentDoc

Wolfgang Ellenberger -now living in Switzerland- studied piano (diploma in music academy Hamburg, concert exam music academy Lübeck) and worked also as conductor.


After giving more than 30 master-classes for medical doctors in Germany he founded THIS web
Later he founded the association and became president of it for his life-time. Continue reading Wolfgang Ellenberger

“Dr. Alban” is DiscoDoc

Dr. Alban is DiscJockeyDoc, SingingDoc

Alban Uzoma Nwapa (born 26 August 1957 in Oguta), better known by his stage name Dr. Alban, is a Nigerian-born Swedish musician and producer with his own record label, Dr. Records.[1] His music can best be described as a Eurodance/hip-hop reggae with a dancehall style.[1] He sold an estimated 16 million records worldwide[2][3][4] and is most famous for his worldwide 1992 hit “It’s My Life” which was one of the songs from the album One Love.[1]

Continue reading “Dr. Alban” is DiscoDoc