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docs who work with sexuality more than in a medical sense

Alexander Maaßen

Alexander Maaßen is PoliticDoc and SexDoc

He played in ca. 300 porn movies and was active in the politic party CDU at Berlin.

a citation of him in an article in the German magazine Stern (2008):
“Maaßen, ein ehemaliger CDU-Kommunalpolitiker aus Berlin, der inzwischen in rund 300 Filmen mitgespielt hat: “Ich mache das, was der Regisseur verlangt. Wenn er möchte, dass ich im Kopfstand ficke, dann vögele ich eben auf diese Weise.”

BZ Berliner Zeitung


In the german magazine “stern” was a report about an exclusive escort service.
In this report “Alexa”, 27, Assistant doctor was presented with an esthetically beautiful photo shooting…..
(the photos are no more available online, sorry…)

From the CEO of the service I learnt that in Munich there are two medical students/doctresses working for her as well.

Paolo Mantegazza

Paolo Mantegazza was SexDoc, AnthropologyDoc, PoliticDoc and WriterDoc

Paolo Mantegazza (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaːolo manteˈɡattsa]; 31 October 1831 – 28 August 1910) was a prominent Italian neurologist, physiologist, and anthropologist, noted for his experimental investigation of coca leaves into its effects on the human psyche. He was also an author of fiction.

He was one of the pioneers of Sexual Medicine publishing works like “Fisiologia del piacere“ (Physiology of lust, 1854), „Fisiologia dell’amore“ (Physiology of Love, 1873), „Igiene dell’ amore“ (Hygienics of Love, 1877), „Gli amori degli uomini – Saggio di una etnologia dell’amore“ (Loving of Men – Samples of a Love Ethnology, 1886) und „Fisiologia della donna“ (Physiology of the Woman, 1893). Continue reading Paolo Mantegazza

Christine Theiss

Christine Theiss is SexyModelDoc and world top KickboxingDoc, TVDoc, CharityDoc and more

photo: courtesy of Playboy

Christine Anna Maria Theiss, maiden name Hennig, born February 22, 1980 in Greiz, Germany, is a German female kickboxer. Since 2007, she is the world champion in professional full contact kickboxing in the World Kickboxing Association (WKA). On December 7, 2012, she became the Super lightweight world champion in full contact kickboxing of the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) and World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU).[1] She lost her WKU championship in a title fight to Olga Stavrova on June 7, 2013, but regained the title on December 13, 2013 by defeating Olga Stavrova in a closely contested 10-round decision in what was announced to be her last fight. Continue reading Christine Theiss