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Franz Stefan Pelzl

Franz Stefan Pelzl is SaxDoc, ComposerDoc, and more

Born 1955 into a musical family. Piano lessons at the age of ten, change to transverse flute at the age of fifteen, including classical education. Since the age of nineteen, mainly self-educated saxophone studies besides participations at numerous workshops. Orientation towards Jazz. Since then, activities in various Jazz ensembles, partly under his own name (e.g. „Stefan Pelzl´s JUJU“) as instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Continue reading Franz Stefan Pelzl

Patrick Plunkett

Patrick Plunkett is SaxDoc

The music, covering a 50-year span, will be the work of the Musical Medics, an orchestra made up of members of the Huntington Memorial Hospital medical staff. The creators of this prime-time music are Dr. Ted Burdomy, anesthesiologist, on drums; Dr. Larry Jones, urologist, on trombone; Dr. Allen Mathies Jr., former hospital president, on vocals; Dr. Malcolm Mitchell, internal medicine/oncology, on piano; and Dr. Patrick Plunkett, orthopedic surgeon, on saxophone.

Musical Docs do a Pasadena House Call (1986)

CD Safari

Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler is BalloonDoc and MultiTalentDoc


Hallo Wolfgang,

a couple of months ago you have asked me to report about my hobbies. That is a little risky because I am helping many prejudices by that….. Continue reading Rolf Schindler

Isa Bittel

Isa Bittel is ClarinetDoc, SaxDoc, TeacherDoc and PianoDoc


born in Tübingen, grown up in Hofheim am Taunus and Glashütten im Taunus/Germany, studied clarinet for many years with Udo Schmitt, Frankfurt/Main and after 1980 with Hans Deinzer, Hannover (by the way also the teacher of Sabine Meier) several prizes at competition “Jugend musiziert” (double Landesprize Hessen/piano, triple Landesprize Hessen and 2nd national prize/clarinet) Continue reading Isa Bittel