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docs who are sailing boats

Jacques Rogge

Jacques Rogge is OlympicDoc and more


Jacques Jean Marie Rogge, Count Rogge (French: [ʒɑk ʁɔ.ge]; Dutch: [ˈrɔɣə]; born 2 May 1942) is a Belgian sports administrator and physician who served as the eighth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from 2001 to 2013. In 2013, the IOC announced that Rogge would become their Honorary President. Continue reading Jacques Rogge

Hannes Lindemann

Hannes Lindemann was SailingDoc and Pioneer….


Hannes Lindemann (28 December 1922 – 17 April 2015) was a German doctor, navigator and sailor.[1] He made two solo transatlantic crossings, one in a sailing dugout canoe made while working in Liberia and the second in a 17-foot Klepper Aerius II double folding kayak, modified to carry two masts and an outrigger. His book Alone at Sea[2] documents the trips, which were totally unassisted. He was motivated to make the trips by an interest in how the human body and mind respond to survival at sea, a theme which the Kon-Tiki (1947) and Alain Bombard (1952) explored in earlier ocean voyages. Continue reading Hannes Lindemann

Niklaus Nidecker

Niklaus Nidecker and father are BreweryDocs

Ellenberger visits the UeliBier Brewery of Niklaus Nidecker in 2005

Hans-Jakob Nidecker (father of Niklaus), born in 1919 was specialized in radiology and nuclear medicine and had worked until 1984. He was former “master” of an “Ehrengesellschaft zum Rebahus (Zunft)”, founder of the brewery “Fischerstube” and also playing trumpet. Though he is 85-years-old now (2005) he was still actively participating at the breweries business processes. His hobbies are beer, music and “Zunftwesen” in Basel/Switzerland. Continue reading Niklaus Nidecker


MediGames is one of the biggest extra-medical events – THE MedOlympics

The world medical and health games are a gathering for healths professionals that allow them to compete in various sports in a congenial and fun atmosphere. Whatever your level or age, come and share with your colleagues your passion for sport ! Continue reading MediGames

Jürgen Reul

Jürgen Reul is IronManDoc, PoliceManDoc, DivingDoc, TennisDoc, ParaGlidingDoc, SailingDoc, SkiDoc, CyclingDoc, MotorbikeDoc and TaekWanDoDoc = ExtremsSportsDoc


endurance sport for >10 years:

  • more than 40 Marathon runs (fastest time 3:09),
  • 5x Ironman,
  • Marathon des Sables (Ultra-Marathon 250 Kilometer through the Sahara),
  • climbing theKilimandjaro
  • Race Across America (5000 km bycicle race non- stop al across the USA from west to east);
    Transaustralia nonstop per bike, 4200 km in 7 days
  • and several other events

Continue reading Jürgen Reul

Björn Migge

Björn Migge is MultiTalentDoc


Björn Migge has studied medicine and social and behavioural sciences, worked as university teacher at the University Hospital in Zurich/Switzerland.
He works as coach normally in the area Ostwestfalen/Lippe in Germany. He has written one of the most successful distant learning courses in Germany!

Since 2004 he is only working in coaching and training. Continue reading Björn Migge

Melanie Aalburg

Melanie Aalburg is SailingDoc, ViolinDoc CharityDoc and MarathonDoc

Melanie Aalburg
Melanie Aalburg

Date of birth: 07.04.1974
Place of birth: Berlin (Germany)
Place of living: Berlin

Between school and university I worked for several months as a volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) in the slums of Calcutta (India) . The strong impressions encouraged me to study Medicine… Continue reading Melanie Aalburg