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docs who have studied psychology (which is different from medicine!)

Alex Loyd

Alex Loyd is PriestDoc, WriterDoc and much more

Dr. Alexander Loyd is the #1 Bestselling author of The Healing Code. He has been featured live, on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS News programs as an expert in healing the source issues underlying illness and disease. He was the subject of a PBS special about The Healing Codes, and healing the source of problems, vs. managing symptoms.  The Healing Code is currently being printed in more than 17 countries and 16 languages and is the #1 bestseller in 11 categories on Amazon. Continue reading Alex Loyd

Gunther Philipp

Gunther Philipp was ActorDoc, SuperSportsDoc  and WriterDoc

© Fotostudio Horst Urbschat, Berlin

Gunther Philipp (8 June 1918 – 2 October 2003) was an Austrian film actor, physician and swimmer.[1]

From 1949 to 2002 he appeared as an actor in 147 movies for cinema and television, mainly in comic roles. As an author, Philipp wrote 21 film scripts.

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Michelle Haintz

Michelle Haintz is MultiTalentDoc


Apart from medicine Michelle has studied Philosophy, Psychology and Theater sciences. At the Vienna Art School she studied painting, sculpturing and ceramics (2nd prize for ceramics at the 10-year-jubilee-festival of the school) Further she went to the actors school of Prof. Krauss studying acting and direction.
Last not least she did medicine at Vienna University  with doctorate degree in 1984. Continue reading Michelle Haintz

Carl Gustav Carus

Carl Gustav Carus was ArtDoc, NaturalistDoc, PsychologyDoc, PhilosophyDoc and more


Carl Gustav Carus (3 January 1789 – 28 July 1869) was a German physiologist and painter, born in Leipzig, who played various roles during the Romantic era. A friend of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, he was a many-sided man: a doctor, a naturalist, a scientist, a psychologist, and a landscape painter who studied under Caspar David Friedrich. Continue reading Carl Gustav Carus

Frido Mann

Frido Mann is ConductorDoc, TheologyDoc, PsychologyDoc, WriterDoc and “RollerCoasterDoc”


He owns a czech, then US-american and at last a swiss passport, he gets a conductors and piano diploma, becomes a theologist and psychologist – and reaches the pre-clinical exam in medicine. Therefore the title of his book is “Roller Coaster” – it is written in present time and thus involves the reader in this interesting life. Continue reading Frido Mann