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Dirk Rohrbach

Dirk Rohrbach is JournalistDoc and more

Dr. Dirk Rohrbach was born in Hanau near Frankfurt/Germany in 1968. He studied medicine in Frankfurt and got his doctorate degree in Halle (Saale) and Wittenberg. He started his journalistic career in Aschaffenburg/Germany at a local radio station. After his medical degree he changed to Antenne Bayern to Munich/Bavaria and went double-bind for years, moderating in the morning and working in an orthopedic doctors office in the afternoons. Continue reading Dirk Rohrbach

Thierry Benderitter

Thierry Benderitter is EgyptologyDoc

My taste for Ancient Egypt dates back some thirty years and was fed by numerous trips there, which allowed me to accumulate a large collection of photographs and make many friends. Despite a very involved job, I was able to study hieroglyphs for several years at the Kheops Institute (Paris), in addition to attending many educational courses and conferences.
My main areas of interest are in the religious and funerary aspects of this brilliant civilisation, which naturally led me to the interesting study of tombs and mastabas. Curiously, though, the pyramids do not interest me.

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Udo Remmes

Udo Remmes was professional PhotoDoc

Karl Maria Udo Remmes (born 2 July 1954 in Tübingen, West Germany – 25 November 2014 in Köln[1]) was a German photographer and physician. He has become known especially for his work in backstage photography specializing in opera, ballet and musicals. The leading idea of Remmes’ photographic work is not the documentation – he wants to capture the moments when the hard work of acting transmutes into art. Continue reading Udo Remmes

Robert Kenneth Wilson

R.K. Wilson was HoaxDoc or PhotoDoc?

In these scientific times, people are pretty sceptical about monsters. But Nessie, the Lock Ness monster, has always had a lot of credibility. First, tourists and the locals kept on seeing something strange surging to the surface in Loch Ness. Second, there was that famous fuzzy photo showing its long neck rising out of the waters of Loch Ness. Everybody thought that the photo was genuine, because it was taken by a Pillar of the Community, the London medical doctor and ex-military man – Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson. Continue reading Robert Kenneth Wilson

Roland Garve

Roland Garve is EthnoDoc and WriterDoc

In Neuguinea Garve visited the people of the Dani. They used to mumify their eminent warriers….

Garve has been travelling to nature tribes all over the world, bringing them health treatment as dentist with his mobile equipment and he was also documenting his experiences with photos and films. So he is author of several books and well-lknown in TV shows and in other media. Continue reading Roland Garve

Gilberto Lacchia

Gilberto Lacchia is professional TranslatorDoc and PhotoDoc


“I really do feel that genuine translation of text requires understanding of the text, and understanding requires having lived in the world and dealt with the physical world and is not just a question of manipulating words.”

Lacchia is working with professional medical translations in his own office between Milano and Torino/Italy. Continue reading Gilberto Lacchia

Shiuh-Bin Fang

Shiuh-Bin Fang is TableTennisDoc and more


Dear Dr. Ellenberger,
I have received your forwarded message from my hospital’s webmaster. I had been a member of the orchestra in Taipei Medical College (University now) but I have graduated from TMC for about 10 years. Currently, I still played table tennis and played digital cameras but no performance in Clarinet. Hoping that these can be helpful!

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Karl Heinz Kienle

Karl Heinz Kienle is CyclingDoc, CollectorDoc, DivingDoc, JazzDoc, JogDoc, PhotoDoc, WriterDoc


Health includes a constant alternation of physical, mental and social activities and relaxation!

Convinced by this sentence You need more than one hobby! So it´s no wonder, that I practice some more, each at it´s time:
Biking and Sauna for the body,
Dixieband, website, reading and collecting for the mind,
Social responsibility and being “One-of-the-Crowd”.

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Michael Green

Michael Green is CartoonDoc, ArtDoc and PhotographerDoc


I am a physician and bioethicist by training, and a professor in the Departments of Humanities and Medicine at Penn State College of Medicine. I have been interested in comics (and all forms of visual arts) since childhood, and have been teaching a course on Comics and Medicine to 4th-year medical students for a number of years. The students’ comics can be viewed here: Continue reading Michael Green

Michelle Haintz

Michelle Haintz is MultiTalentDoc


Apart from medicine Michelle has studied Philosophy, Psychology and Theater sciences. At the Vienna Art School she studied painting, sculpturing and ceramics (2nd prize for ceramics at the 10-year-jubilee-festival of the school) Further she went to the actors school of Prof. Krauss studying acting and direction.
Last not least she did medicine at Vienna University  with doctorate degree in 1984. Continue reading Michelle Haintz