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Docs who play percussion instruments

Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler is BalloonDoc and MultiTalentDoc


Hallo Wolfgang,

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Minako Uchino

Minako Uchino is CarillonDoc

Minako Uchino, a medical doctor at Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital, will play the carillon at theUniversity of Toronto’s Soldier’s Tower for Remembrance Day. (Jennifer Roberts for The Globe and Mail)

From atop a bell-filled monument to the fallen, Minako Uchino hopes to fill the chasm between her current life in Canada and her past in Japan with a musical prayer for peace.

Dr. Uchino, a 37-year-old physician, will pound out her Remembrance Day plea on the carillon in Soldiers’ Tower at the University of Toronto. The tower is a memorial to 628 university members lost to the First World War, and 557 more killed in the Second, when Canada and Japan fought as enemies.

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