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docs who practise paragliding

Elisabeth Brandner

Elisabeth Brandner is WaiterDoc, SkiDoc and ParaglidingDoc

For 16 days a year assistant doctor of the Engadin hospital in St. Moritz/Switzerland Elisabeth H. is working as a WaiterDoc in the Oktoberfest in Munich, she says she is addicted to that job…. 14 hrs a day carrying beer and serving the guests who are often out of control. Her strategy is permanence, team power among the waiters and strong nerves. Continue reading Elisabeth Brandner

Jürgen Reul

Jürgen Reul is IronManDoc, PoliceManDoc, DivingDoc, TennisDoc, ParaGlidingDoc, SailingDoc, SkiDoc, CyclingDoc, MotorbikeDoc and TaekWanDoDoc = ExtremsSportsDoc


endurance sport for >10 years:

  • more than 40 Marathon runs (fastest time 3:09),
  • 5x Ironman,
  • Marathon des Sables (Ultra-Marathon 250 Kilometer through the Sahara),
  • climbing theKilimandjaro
  • Race Across America (5000 km bycicle race non- stop al across the USA from west to east);
    Transaustralia nonstop per bike, 4200 km in 7 days
  • and several other events

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