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Philadelphia Doctors Chamber Orchestra

The Philadelphia Doctors’ Chamber Orchestra is a nonprofit organization made up of approximately 40 volunteer musicians. Our mission is to present and perpetuate symphonic music for the community.

The orchestra was founded and is conducted by Dr. Fawzi Habboushe, a general and thoracic surgeon. The membership was originally comprised largely, but not exclusively, of medical professionals. Our current membership reflects many diverse backgrounds, all brought together by a love of music. Continue reading Philadelphia Doctors Chamber Orchestra

London Medical Orchestra

London Medical Orchestra exists since 1954

The London Medical Orchestra was formed in 1954, consisting mainly of refugee doctors and dentists from central Europe, conducted by Dr Hans Ucko and led by Dr J Bachner. It combined with the Three Hospitals Orchestra in 1964. Although many of the present members of the Orchestra are not members of the medical or ancillary professions, the Orchestra continues to have as its main purpose the supporting of medical charities through fund-raising concerts. Among former conductors are Norman Del Mar, Colin Davis and Bernard Keefe. Mr Dickson Wright was president for many years. Sir Adrian Boult and Jacqueline du Pré are among our past Vice Presidents.

Continue reading London Medical Orchestra

Hans Walz

Hans Walz was InstrumentbuilderDoc


Folk music of the Harz (mountain chain in the middle of Germany) area has fascinated Hans Walz, especially when performed on historical Harz instruments like the “devils violin” or the “Hillebille”. The general practitioner and lung specialist who settled his office in the little town Stiege in the eastern Harz does not only like the music but builds these special instruments. Continue reading Hans Walz

PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera


PDO is the world´s first ever entire opera company consisting of health care professionals. 80 members from 15 countries produced and performed the opera “Magic Flute” from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart between May 2008 and July 2010. The performance was in the “Wilhelma Theater” in Stuttgart/Germany and was transmitted as a live-stream over the internet in HD. Continue reading PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera

PCOT – Physicians Chamber Orchestra Taipei

In 1990, the Physicians’ Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan (PCOT) was founded by a group of talented and dedicated physicians and health care professionals. Since then, they have given more than one hundred concerts around the island, including regular performances in the National Concert Hall. They have developed an ensemble that is gaining national acclaim. Many of the nationally renowned musicians had been their guest conductors and soloists.  Continue reading PCOT – Physicians Chamber Orchestra Taipei