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docs who work in the comedy field

Thomas Jopp

Thomas Jopp is ComedyDoc and more

His show – a bit broadway like Frank Sinatra’s “I did it my way”? Not at all for sure!
An amateur comedian tries to develop his talents mixed with local dialect and poetry and tells his story from his first time at school until today…  parts of his program are his choir “Jugendfreunde” and his Duo with Edwin Panz (in dialect). Continue reading Thomas Jopp

UBC Spring Gala

The annual UBC Faculty of Medicine Spring Gala is a tradition that is highly anticipated by UBC’s medical students each year. It is a celebration of our medical school’s artistic talents in music, dance, comedy and more. The 23rd Spring Gala will be hosted at the UBC Chan Center on Saturday March 4, 2017. Continue reading UBC Spring Gala

Paul Schuh

Paul Schuh is ComedyDoc


His “vita humores”:
It began in 1971 at a song contest in his high school: Singing “Anuschka” from Udo Jürgens he got the third prize.
Next year he had the best student prize with “Mathilda” also by Udo Jürgens.

Later he took theatre courses in “Stehgreif-Theater” (spontaneous improvising theatre) which he connects involving the audience in the humorous interaction…..! Continue reading Paul Schuh

Christiane Mörsel-Zimmermann

Christiane Mörsel-Zimmermann is WriterDoc, CoachingDoc and more


Dear Mr Ellenberger,

thanks for the talk in between work..
To present myself I invite visiting my homepage
actually (October 2010) I am writing a book about experiences and traumata of people searching for partners online. Together with a creative consultant I invite people to post their experiences. Continue reading Christiane Mörsel-Zimmermann

Gunther Philipp

Gunther Philipp was ActorDoc, SuperSportsDoc  and WriterDoc

© Fotostudio Horst Urbschat, Berlin

Gunther Philipp (8 June 1918 – 2 October 2003) was an Austrian film actor, physician and swimmer.[1]

From 1949 to 2002 he appeared as an actor in 147 movies for cinema and television, mainly in comic roles. As an author, Philipp wrote 21 film scripts.

Continue reading Gunther Philipp

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller is DirectorDoc, TVDoc, ACtorDoc, WriterDoc, JokeDoc and more


Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller, CBE (born 21 July 1934) is an English theatre and opera director, actor, author, television presenter, humourist, and medical doctor. While training in medicine, and specializing in neurology, in the late 1950s, he first came to prominence in the early 1960s with his role in the comedy revue Beyond the Fringe with fellow writers and performers Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Alan Bennett. Continue reading Jonathan Miller

Willy Schweden

Willy Schweden was ComedyDoc

Funny sketches were part of the Eilemann-Trio: Willy Schweden (died 2002), Günter Eilemann and Charlie Niedieck (died 1992). Komische Einlagen gehören zum Programm des Eilemann-Trios: Willy Schweden (gestorben 2002), Günter Eilemann und Charlie Niedieck (gestorben 1992).

The Cologne dentist Willy Schweden (died in 2002) was very successful in a carnival trio (guitar and vocal) and playing on cruise ships all over the world. Continue reading Willy Schweden