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docs doing jogging in a special way

Bernd Holstiege

Bernd Holstiege is MarathonDoc, TriathlonDoc and more

Bernd Holstiege (left/links) with Joachim Fischer (middle/Mitte) – TriathlonDocs

Long distance running was my passion: about 50 marathon, 15 times 100 km-runs, 19 times IronMan-distance (once in Hawaii) and many Triathlons even double and triple Triathlons. Continue reading Bernd Holstiege

Karl Heinz Kienle

Karl Heinz Kienle is CyclingDoc, CollectorDoc, DivingDoc, JazzDoc, JogDoc, PhotoDoc, WriterDoc


Health includes a constant alternation of physical, mental and social activities and relaxation!

Convinced by this sentence You need more than one hobby! So it´s no wonder, that I practice some more, each at it´s time:
Biking and Sauna for the body,
Dixieband, website, reading and collecting for the mind,
Social responsibility and being “One-of-the-Crowd”.

Continue reading Karl Heinz Kienle

Thomas Wessinghage

Thomas Wessinghage is a RunningMachineDoc

winning 5000 m gold medal at European Championship 1982
winning 5000 m gold medal at European Championship 1982

Thomas Wessinghage (born 22 February 1952 in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German former middle- and long-distance runner who won the 1982 European Championships‘ final over 5000 metres beating the British world-record holder David Moorcroft. Because he was already thirty at the time, and had been an international-level runner for a decade, this victory was a long-awaited one for him. Continue reading Thomas Wessinghage

AMAA – American Medical Athletic Association

AMAA is organising Sport and Jogging Events in the U.S.A.

Bill Rodgers and group
Bill Rodgers and group

The American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA), formerly the American Medical Joggers Association and now the professional division of the American Running Association, is comprised of doctors and allied health care professionals who are committed to enhancing the well-being of patients through the promotion of running and exercise. Continue reading AMAA – American Medical Athletic Association


MediGames is one of the biggest extra-medical events – THE MedOlympics

The world medical and health games are a gathering for healths professionals that allow them to compete in various sports in a congenial and fun atmosphere. Whatever your level or age, come and share with your colleagues your passion for sport ! Continue reading MediGames

Melanie Aalburg

Melanie Aalburg is SailingDoc, ViolinDoc CharityDoc and MarathonDoc

Melanie Aalburg
Melanie Aalburg

Date of birth: 07.04.1974
Place of birth: Berlin (Germany)
Place of living: Berlin

Between school and university I worked for several months as a volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) in the slums of Calcutta (India) . The strong impressions encouraged me to study Medicine… Continue reading Melanie Aalburg