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Björn Migge

Björn Migge is MultiTalentDoc


Björn Migge has studied medicine and social and behavioural sciences, worked as university teacher at the University Hospital in Zurich/Switzerland.
He works as coach normally in the area Ostwestfalen/Lippe in Germany. He has written one of the most successful distant learning courses in Germany!

Since 2004 he is only working in coaching and training. Continue reading Björn Migge

Ian Williams

Ian Williams is CartoonDoc

Ian Williams is physician, ComicDoc, graphic and Writer. Photo: Stephen Lampre

‘I am a physician, comics artist and writer, based in Brighton, UK. After training in medicine I took postgraduate studies in fine art and then an MA in medical humanities. I have taught at both medical schools and art schools, and have written book chapters, scholarly papers for various journals and articles for broadsheet newspapers. I started making comics under the nom de plume Thom Ferrier in 2007 but have since reverted to using my real name. My debut graphic novel, The Bad Doctor, was published in June 2014 by Myriad Editions. Continue reading Ian Williams

HKMA trailwalker team

The HKMA (Hong Kong Medical Association) Trailwalkers have been participating in Trailwalker since 1994. The number of participants has increased from a teams of 4 persons in 1994 to 20 team of 4 persons in 2004. Trailwalker is a charitable event, over the years, they have raised over HK$20 million for the needy, the handicapped and the underprivileged to develop their best potentials in live, through improving education, medical care and rehabilitation services. Continue reading HKMA trailwalker team