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Christoph Karle

Christoph Karle is FlyingDoc and more…

Dear Wolfgang,

nice to hear from you.
“It is typical for doctors that they could not decide whether to become musician, singer, painter, biologist, professional pilot, airplane mechanician or economist. And if there wold be no diseases the choice would have been easy and life might have become nicer. But now that we have choosen the profession of a medical doctor the patients must be happy about that. My greatest luck is the little man on this picturs….”

Kind regards,  Christoph

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Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler is BalloonDoc and MultiTalentDoc


Hallo Wolfgang,

a couple of months ago you have asked me to report about my hobbies. That is a little risky because I am helping many prejudices by that….. Continue reading Rolf Schindler

Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard is PioneerDoc with Balloons and Solar Eclipse and more

Dr Bertrand Piccard, doctor, psychiatrist and aviator First person to fly non-stop round the world in a balloon Initiator and pilot of Solar Impulse -first solar driven airplane flying round the world-  President of the Winds of Hope humanitarian foundation and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Pioneer of hang gliding in Europe.

Heinrich Klose

Heinrich Klose was InstrumentbuilderDoc, ViolinDoc and FlyingDoc

Heinrich Klose (1937)

Heinrich Klose (* 31. August 1879 in Ibbenbüren; † 19. November 1968 in Bad Eilsen) was a german Surgeon and University Teacher. He was one of the founders of the Medical Academy Danzig.
He could fly airplanes and learnt building violins which he also played. Continue reading Heinrich Klose