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docs who play the flute ( no matter if recorder or transverse flute)

Franz Stefan Pelzl

Franz Stefan Pelzl is SaxDoc, ComposerDoc, and more

Born 1955 into a musical family. Piano lessons at the age of ten, change to transverse flute at the age of fifteen, including classical education. Since the age of nineteen, mainly self-educated saxophone studies besides participations at numerous workshops. Orientation towards Jazz. Since then, activities in various Jazz ensembles, partly under his own name (e.g. „Stefan Pelzl´s JUJU“) as instrumentalist, composer and arranger. Continue reading Franz Stefan Pelzl

Ferdinand de Jean

Ferdinand de Jean was FluteDoc

Mozarts inspiration to compose for flute came around 1777 from Dutch surgeon Ferdinand De Jean, an amateur flute player. He commissioned Mozart to compose some concertos and quartets for the flute and agreed the princely sum of 200 florins. Neither side came out of the arrangement with any credit. Mozart, distracted by other compositions, procrastinated and did not completely fulfil the terms of the commission. Consequently De Jean gave Mozart only 96 florins instead of the full fee.  Continue reading Ferdinand de Jean

Jany Renz

Jany Renz is ConductorDoc, FluteDoc, OrganDoc and PianoDoc


born in Basel in 1946 he studied piano with Ivan Engel, the friend and student of Bartók.
He also studied old music and flute with Hans Martin Linde and organ wirh Adolf Schlegel.

During his international career as Lied accompanist and chamber musician he was partner of leading Lied singers and leading instrumentalists.

He studied conducting with Wilfried Boettcher in Basel. Master classes with Leonard Bernstein and Sergiu Celibidache completed his studies. Continue reading Jany Renz

Livio Claudio Bressan

Livio Claudio Bressan is ComposerDoc, FluteDoc, GuitarDoc


I am a Milanese hospital Neurologist, specialized in Internal medicine, Nephrology and Neuropathology.
I have a degree in classical guitar from the Conservatory.
I’ve also studied the Piano and Composition in Conservatory . My compositions have been performed by important musical ensembles. Continue reading Livio Claudio Bressan