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Peter Erdmenger

Peter Erdmenger is ArtDoc and EventDoc

25 Jahre | years

Peter Erdmenger is active as artist since 1982 and worked as a doctor until 2008 in Köthen/Germany. 1988 he founded the group “Mediziner und Malerei” (medics and arts) and organised regular exhibitions over nearly 30 years in several German cities listing about 200 medical artists in a catalogue. The 30-year-celebration is planned for May 2018 in Köthen. Continue reading Peter Erdmenger

Alberto Burgos Herrera

Alberto Burgos Herrera is DiscoDoc, CollectorDoc, WriterDoc and more


Since he was 12 years old he collected records with dance music of South American Style, he is a requested lecturer about this topic.

Apart from that he is founder of a cultural club Colombia Bailaba Asi in Medelín in Colombia as well as he runs the Festival de Música Campesina as EventDoc Continue reading Alberto Burgos Herrera

Andor Schmidt

Andor Schmidt is EventDoc, PianoDoc and CharityDoc


Dear colleague Ellenberger,

it is amazing how my modest musical activities are getting known. I play the piano from age 7 on though non-professional but for fun. In the last years I did not really have enough time to practise….
5 years ago I have added a little concert hall to my house about 50 sq meters up to 60 seats with a new Steinway D concert grand and thus fulfilled a dream. In this private setting I manage 6 to 8 house recitals per year, mainly for piano solo. For this purpose I have founded the Andor Schmidt foundation for promotion of young musicians” since I have no commercial interests.
I am recruiting my young pianists are mostly coming from the class of Lev Natochenny (Mani Ejiri, Evgenia Rubinova, Guoda Gedvilaite and others) from the Frankfurt music academy. We also have chamber music events with singing as well as Jazz recitals (Adomas Rekasius, Maggy Scott and others). I am sorry not to have a web page yet to give information. So far we have managed 36 concerts, and I hope for your interest to get our e-mail newsletter. Would be nice to find more interested listeners to our concerts via your web page!

With kind regards
Andor Schmidt


web office

Ingrid Boskamp

Ingrid Boskamp is EventDoc in Arts


Doctors as Artists

The yearly exhibition “Aeskulap paints” has been opened for the 43rd time in July 5, 2006 in Baden-Baden/Germany. The pharmaceutic family company Pohl-Boskamp has invited in the congress hall and Ingrid Boskamp resented the concept. Visitors were -besides some of the artists- many journalists and participants of the MedCongress 2006. See our photo story: Continue reading Ingrid Boskamp

Isabel Vértes-Schütter

Isabel Vértes Schütter is TheatreDoc


Isabella Vértes-Schütter was born on April 22, 1962 in Hamburg/Germany as daughter of “Kammersängering” Helga Pilarczyk and the export manager Dr. István Vértes.
In the beginning she wanted to become medical doctor and passed the medical degree 1987 with “Promotion and Approbation”.
Already during her medical studies she began studying to be actress at Prof. Anne Marks-Rocke. Just besides she studied classical singing with Helga Pilarczyk and Prof. Hans Kagel and studied chanson and musical with Prof. Ursula Gompf. Continue reading Isabel Vértes-Schütter

Ottomar Domnick

Ottomar Domnick (1907–1989) was MultiTalentDoc

…has been specialised in neurology and psychiatry with an own hospital in Stuttgart/Germany.
He was accomplished as one of the most active collectors and supporters of contemporary arts in Germany after WW II. He was author and director of several films, supported contemporary films. He played Cello and organised events with works of contemporanean music.

To continue his and his wife’s (1909-1991) work is the main task of his foundation. Continue reading Ottomar Domnick

Albrecht Hempel

Albrecht Hempel is ViolinDoc and EventDoc and more…..

Albrecht Hempel
Albrecht Hempel

He played at the international friendship recital American/German Doctors Orchestras in Berlin Philharmony in 2005, then was vice concert master of the PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera, world´s first Doctors Opera company. He organises medical events and contributes to congresses organisation as in the video: Continue reading Albrecht Hempel

Juan Carlos Rubinstein

Juan Carlos Rubinstein is EventDoc and TangoDoc


He is president of an Uruguayan Tango organisation.
Press report about his festival
“Es el evento más importante de tango que tenemos en Uruguay y tenemos que recordar que compartimos con Argentina. El puerto de Montevideo y el puerto de Buenos Aires comparten el origen y nacimiento del tango”, explicó a Efe Juan Pedro Rubinstein, el presidente de Joventango, asociación organizadora. Continue reading Juan Carlos Rubinstein

Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry – Santiago Chalar

Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry was TangoDoc, WriterDoc, ComposerDoc, GuitarDoc


Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaverry known as Santiago Chalar (September 25, 1938, Montevideo – November 21, 1994) was a physician traumathologist, poet, song-writer, musician, guitarist and singer from Uruguay. He studied music and medicine. He used an alias Santiago to pay homage to a friend of his who died in a plane accident and Chalar was one of his ancestors last name. In his artistic career he achieved recognition and fame. He obtained some music awards. He is considered one of the best Uruguayan folk music song-writers and singers. Continue reading Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry – Santiago Chalar

Adnan Khera

Adnan Khera is DancingDoc, TriathlonDoc and MarathonDoc, CharityDoc, EventDoc, TaylorDoc, WriterDoc


Anesthesiologist. Dancer. Ultramarathon runner. Triathlete. Costumer. Writer. Individual.

Dancing in the streets and raising thousands of dollars for different charities. He organises events and can taylor costumes.


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