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Salah Jamal

Salah Jamal is CookBookDoc

At age 17 he fled from Palestina to Barcelona after the 6-days-war. There he studied medicine and became plastic surgeon.
“But what I really liked was history and writing and the culture.”
So in addition he studied history and now works as professor for
nutrition and cultural history at the private university Vic in Barcelona if he does not treat his patients. Continue reading Salah Jamal

Miguel Sanchez Romera

Miguel Sanchez Romera is Cook(Book)Doc

Miguel Sánchez Romera is the Chef and owner of the L`Esguard Restaurante (got a Michelin star, closed in 2008 since he moved to Ney York). And he is neurologist!
He is, above all, a creator of emotions and feelings, who, guided by his scientific character, inspires to amazing perfectionism in his culinary preparations in which chromaticism and geometry form a partnership to bring us closer to the magnificent world of surprise and pleasure, not forgetting a type of taste delirium created by a brilliant and exceptional technique and an unimaginable creative spirit. Continue reading Miguel Sanchez Romera

Simon Xie Hong

Simon Xie Hong is CookDoc and CookBookDoc

Simon Xie Hong very successfully runs 4 restaurants in Vienna/Austria. He has worked as a medical doctor in China before.

Does a Viennese pub have to look like one? And anyway, does everything have to be the way it is expected to be? Questions that I, Simon Xie Hong, ask myself every day. My idea is a modern Chinese cuisine combined with the nonchalant atmosphere of a Viennese pub. ON is an up-to-date Chinese restaurant with the look and feel of a cosy pub. Continue reading Simon Xie Hong