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Martin Hyca

Martin Hyca is ITDoc

Martin Hyca had a back injury so he could not follow his wish to become a heart surgeon. So he added biomechanical engineering studies and came to Tomtec a software company for Ultra-Sound machines which is world market leader in 4 D technology. Hyca is responsable for the clinical marketing and he discusses new concepts with chief doctors and his developpers. Continue reading Martin Hyca

Jos Zsombor Gal

Jos Zsombor Gal, dentist, is MagicDoc with international reputation and the very first space tourist AstronautDoc and much more….

He is not only a MagicDoc, but also a BookDoc, a SkiDoc/WaterSkiDoc and TennisDoc who was World Champion in the World Medical Games 2001, and on the 3rd place in 2002!

And he is First German Founder AstronautDoc SXC!

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