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Christian Wawrzinek

Christian Wawrzinek is ComputerGameInventorDoc and more

Christian Wawrzinek (left) and his brother | Wawrzinek (li.) und sein Bruder

Christian Wawrzinek and his brother founded the Goodgame Studios . The studios are an online games company founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg, Germany.[5] The company has created several games, including Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Big Farm, Goodgame Galaxy, Goodgame Gangster, Goodgame Disco , Goodgame Fashion, Goodgame Poker, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages, Legends of Honor, and Infernals. Goodgame Disco and Goodgame Fashion were deleted in November 1, 2016. Continue reading Christian Wawrzinek

Mark Warnecke

Mark Warnecke is SwimDoc

Mark Warnecke (born 15 February 1970 in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German former breaststroke swimmer who, at age 35, won the world title in the 50 m breaststroke at the 2005 World Aquatics Championships in Montreal. That made him the oldest swimming world champion since 1971. He started for the German swimming club SG Essen.

After his “Abitur” he studied economical informatics and after a stay in hospital he got more interested in medicine and worked in traumatic surgery after his studies in Bochum University Hospital. Continue reading Mark Warnecke

Martin Hyca

Martin Hyca is ITDoc

Martin Hyca had a back injury so he could not follow his wish to become a heart surgeon. So he added biomechanical engineering studies and came to Tomtec a software company for Ultra-Sound machines which is world market leader in 4 D technology. Hyca is responsable for the clinical marketing and he discusses new concepts with chief doctors and his developpers. Continue reading Martin Hyca

Robin Cook

Robin Cook is WriterDoc and much more

Robert Brian “Robin” Cook (born May 4, 1940, in New York City)[1] is an American physician and novelist who writes about medicine and topics affecting public health.

He is best known for combining medical writing with the thriller genre. Many of his books have been bestsellers on the New York Times Bestseller List. Several of his books have also been featured in Reader’s Digest. His books have sold nearly 400 million copies worldwide.[2] Continue reading Robin Cook

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton was DirectorDoc, WriterDoc and much more

When I was 15 I wanted to go to college and be a writer. When I was 20, I was in college and applying to medical school to become a doctor. When I was 25, I was in medical school but I was going to quit when it was finished. When I was 30, I was a successful film director with my first film, Westworld, in release. When I was 35, I had almost decided I didn’t want to direct any more, but I wasn’t sure what to do next. So I started a software company and did computer games. When I was 40, I really wanted to only direct movies and never write again. When I was 45, I had my first child and I was happily writing and not interested in directing. … I feel like my life has been very exciting and very unpredictable. Continue reading Michael Crichton

Ulrich Ludwig

Ulrich Ludwig is ComputerDoc, ArtDoc, WriterDoc, PianoDoc, GoldsmithDoc, SacredMusicSupporterDoc


Hallo  Mr. Ellenberger,

You have asked for a description of my hobbies. Here it is.
The list would be: Computer, drawing, writing, walking, playing piano, creating jewelry,
supporting church music
. (Maybe I forgot some hobbies which I am doing less often). Continue reading Ulrich Ludwig