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Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg

…was BreweryDoc, TrumpetDoc, CharityDoc and more

His brand of UeliBier Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg (1919-2005) was born as son of a priest in Basel. As radiologist he founded the Radiological Institute of Basel.  Politically he was member of the LDP where is accentuated speaches were famous. He founded a private brewery since he did not want to support the cartel of the big breweries. He was very successful and the brewery brings out 5 different beers of high quality. Continue reading Hans Jakob Nidecker-Huggenberg

Niklaus Nidecker

Niklaus Nidecker and father are BreweryDocs

Ellenberger visits the UeliBier Brewery of Niklaus Nidecker in 2005

Hans-Jakob Nidecker (father of Niklaus), born in 1919 was specialized in radiology and nuclear medicine and had worked until 1984. He was former “master” of an “Ehrengesellschaft zum Rebahus (Zunft)”, founder of the brewery “Fischerstube” and also playing trumpet. Though he is 85-years-old now (2005) he was still actively participating at the breweries business processes. His hobbies are beer, music and “Zunftwesen” in Basel/Switzerland. Continue reading Niklaus Nidecker