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Roland Matthes

Roland Matthes is OlympicDoc as SwimDoc


Roland Matthes (born 17 November 1950) is a retired German swimmer and the most successful backstroke swimmer of all times. Between April 1967 and August 1974 he won all backstroke competitions he entered. He won four European championships and three world championships in a row, and swam 19 world and 21 European records in various backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and medley events.[1][2] He was trained by Marlies Grohe.[3] Continue reading Roland Matthes

Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler is BalloonDoc and MultiTalentDoc


Hallo Wolfgang,

a couple of months ago you have asked me to report about my hobbies. That is a little risky because I am helping many prejudices by that….. Continue reading Rolf Schindler

Gert Feser

Gert Feser is ConductorDoc

Gert Feser is conducting the “ensemble con brio”, one of the leading amateur orchestras in Würzburg/Germany. He is medical doctor and was professor for music therapy and understands making music as a fountain for joy and prevention of diseases and protection of human spirit and creativity. Thus his rehearsals are often making the participants enthusiastic….. Continue reading Gert Feser