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Denny Zeitlin

Denny Zeitlin is JazzPianoDoc, ComposerDoc, WineDoc, MountainBikeDoc, StudioDoc, FlyFishingDoc


(abstract from an interview:)
Denny Zeitlin:  “In order to maintain two careers, I have had to focus on what is at the “heart” of each field for me.  In psychiatry, it is treating patients and teaching residents.  In music, it is playing the piano each day, composing, recording, and an amount of international touring that does not interfere with my psychiatric responsibilities.  Both fields involve deep communication, and when I am at my best, a kind of “merger” with my patients, or the music and musicians I am playing with.” Continue reading Denny Zeitlin

Adnan Khera

Adnan Khera is DancingDoc, TriathlonDoc and MarathonDoc, CharityDoc, EventDoc, TaylorDoc, WriterDoc


Anesthesiologist. Dancer. Ultramarathon runner. Triathlete. Costumer. Writer. Individual.

Dancing in the streets and raising thousands of dollars for different charities. He organises events and can taylor costumes.


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Duke Medicine Orchestra

Duke Medicine Orchestra


The Duke Medicine Orchestra strives to unite members of the Duke healthcare system and broader community in the pursuit of musical excellence and cultural enrichment, to inspire and renew its audiences and members. The orchestra provides an opportunity for musicians affiliated with Duke Medicine to come together to play substantial pieces from the classical repertoire. More than 90 orchestra members represent 26 departments across the Duke Medicine community. Continue reading Duke Medicine Orchestra

David Simon

David Simon was SpiritualDoc, TeacherDoc, WriterDoc

Co-founder of the Chopra Center

Dr. David Simon was a best-selling author, Chopra Center co-founder, and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. More than three decades ago as an anthropology student exploring humanity’s earliest communities and cultures, he was drawn to the understanding that the role of the doctor was much more than a disease technician; a true healer had to be a diagnostician, medicine man, psychotherapist, and priest – an expert navigator of the mind and spirit as well as of the physical body. Continue reading David Simon

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is SpiritualDoc, WriterDoc, TeacherDoc, WriterDoc

Deepak Chopra (2011).jpg
Chopra on January 13, 2011

Deepak Chopra (/ˈdpɑːk ˈprə/ Hindustani pronunciation: [d̪iːpək tʃoːpraː]; born October 22, 1947) is an Indian American author and public speaker.[4][5] He is an alternative medicine advocate and a promoter of popular forms of spirituality. He has been described by the New York Times as a “controversial New-Age guru”[6] though Chopra says guru is “a title I’ve rejected for thirty years”.[7] Through his books and videos, he has become one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in the holistic-health movement.[8]

Continue reading Deepak Chopra

Frederick Albert Cook

Frederick Albert Cook was ArticDoc, AntarcticDoc, EthnoDoc, ClimbingDoc, TranslatorDoc
Frederick Cook с. 1906.jpg

Frederick Albert Cook (June 10, 1865 – August 5, 1940) was an American explorer, physician, and ethnographer, noted for his claim of having reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908. This was a year before April 6, 1909, the date claimed by the American explorer Robert Peary, and the accounts were disputed for several years.[1] His expedition did discover Meighen Island, the only discovery of an island in the American Arctic by a United States expedition. Continue reading Frederick Albert Cook

William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams was WriterDoc

 William Carlos Williams passport photograph 1921.jpg
William Carlos Williams (September 17, 1883 – March 4, 1963) was an American poet closely associated with modernism and imagism. Williams is often counted as being among a group of four major American poets who were all born in a twelve-year period that began in 1874. The group also consists of Robert Frost, who was born in 1874; Wallace Stevens, who was born in 1879; and Hilda “H.D.” Doolittle, who was born in 1886. Of these four, Williams died last, several weeks after Frost. (Stevens was first to die, in 1955, while H.D. lived until 1961). Continue reading William Carlos Williams