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Jorge Drexler

Jorge Drexler is ComposerDoc and SingingDoc and more


Jorge Abner Drexler Prada (born September 21, 1964) is a Uruguayan musician, actor. He is a doctor specialized in otolaryngology.

In 2004, Drexler won wide acclaim after becoming the first Uruguayan ever to win an Academy Award. He won for composing the song “Al Otro Lado del Río” from The Motorcycle Diaries. Continue reading Jorge Drexler

Juan Carlos Rubinstein

Juan Carlos Rubinstein is EventDoc and TangoDoc


He is president of an Uruguayan Tango organisation.
Press report about his festival
“Es el evento más importante de tango que tenemos en Uruguay y tenemos que recordar que compartimos con Argentina. El puerto de Montevideo y el puerto de Buenos Aires comparten el origen y nacimiento del tango”, explicó a Efe Juan Pedro Rubinstein, el presidente de Joventango, asociación organizadora. Continue reading Juan Carlos Rubinstein

Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry – Santiago Chalar

Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry was TangoDoc, WriterDoc, ComposerDoc, GuitarDoc


Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaverry known as Santiago Chalar (September 25, 1938, Montevideo – November 21, 1994) was a physician traumathologist, poet, song-writer, musician, guitarist and singer from Uruguay. He studied music and medicine. He used an alias Santiago to pay homage to a friend of his who died in a plane accident and Chalar was one of his ancestors last name. In his artistic career he achieved recognition and fame. He obtained some music awards. He is considered one of the best Uruguayan folk music song-writers and singers. Continue reading Carlos Alfredo Paravís Salaberry – Santiago Chalar

Martin Lasala Alvarez

Martin Lasala Alvarez was TangoDoc, ComposerDoc and PianoDoc


The word “Estagiario” doesn’t appear in any Spanish dictionary. Martin Lasala Alvarez was a doctor who, for most of his life, was an official of the Uruguayan Foreign Service in Paris, where he completed his medical studies. He was also a pianist and enjoyed playing and composing tangos. Continue reading Martin Lasala Alvarez