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Camillo Golgi

Camillo Golgi was StampDoc, StatueDoc and more

Camillo Golgi (Italian: [kaˈmillo ˈɡɔldʒi]; 7 July 1843 – 21 January 1926) was an Italian physician, biologist, pathologist, scientist, and Nobel laureate. Several structures and phenomena in anatomy and physiology are named for him, including the Golgi apparatus, the Golgi tendon organ and the Golgi tendon reflex. He is recognized as the greatest neuroscientist and biologist of his time.[1] Continue reading Camillo Golgi

Gerolamo Cardano

Gerolamo Cardano was InventorDoc and much more

Gerolamo (or Girolamo,[2] or Geronimo) Cardano (Italian: [dʒeˈrɔlamo karˈdano]; French: Jérôme Cardan; Latin: Hieronymus Cardanus; 24 September 1501 – 21 September 1576) was an Italian polymath, whose interests and proficiencies ranged from being a mathematician, physician, biologist, physicist, chemist, astrologer, astronomer, philosopher, writer, and gambler.[3] He was one of the most influential mathematicians of the Renaissance, and was one of the key figures in the foundation of probability and the earliest introducer of the binomial coefficients and the binomial theorem in the western world. He wrote more than 200 works on science. Continue reading Gerolamo Cardano

Paolo Mantegazza

Paolo Mantegazza was SexDoc, AnthropologyDoc, PoliticDoc and WriterDoc

Paolo Mantegazza (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpaːolo manteˈɡattsa]; 31 October 1831 – 28 August 1910) was a prominent Italian neurologist, physiologist, and anthropologist, noted for his experimental investigation of coca leaves into its effects on the human psyche. He was also an author of fiction.

He was one of the pioneers of Sexual Medicine publishing works like “Fisiologia del piacere“ (Physiology of lust, 1854), „Fisiologia dell’amore“ (Physiology of Love, 1873), „Igiene dell’ amore“ (Hygienics of Love, 1877), „Gli amori degli uomini – Saggio di una etnologia dell’amore“ (Loving of Men – Samples of a Love Ethnology, 1886) und „Fisiologia della donna“ (Physiology of the Woman, 1893). Continue reading Paolo Mantegazza

Gilberto Lacchia

Gilberto Lacchia is professional TranslatorDoc and PhotoDoc


“I really do feel that genuine translation of text requires understanding of the text, and understanding requires having lived in the world and dealt with the physical world and is not just a question of manipulating words.”

Lacchia is working with professional medical translations in his own office between Milano and Torino/Italy. Continue reading Gilberto Lacchia

Massimo Bolognesi + Guido Bertozzi

Massimo Bolognesi is WriterDoc and Guido Bertozzi CartoonDoc

my doctor told me to make prevention against a heart attack by having a coitus
my doctor told me to make prevention against a heart attack by having a coitus

Born in 1953 he lives in Cesena/Italy and entertains his patients with some humorous documents on his homepage.

Guido Bertozzi practises as dentist in Cesena and has made the cartoons under his psyudonym RONALTAN. Continue reading Massimo Bolognesi + Guido Bertozzi

Ulisse Aldrovandi

Ulisse Aldrovandi was GardenDoc, NaturalistDoc, OrnithologyDoc, WriterDoc and more


Ulisse Aldrovandi (11 September 1522 – 4 May 1605) was an Italian naturalist, the moving force behind Bologna’s botanical garden, one of the first in Europe. Carl Linnaeus and the comte de Buffon reckoned him the father of natural history studies. He is usually referred to, especially in older literature, as Aldrovandus; his name in Italian is equally given as Aldroandi.[1] Continue reading Ulisse Aldrovandi

Livio Claudio Bressan

Livio Claudio Bressan is ComposerDoc, FluteDoc, GuitarDoc


I am a Milanese hospital Neurologist, specialized in Internal medicine, Nephrology and Neuropathology.
I have a degree in classical guitar from the Conservatory.
I’ve also studied the Piano and Composition in Conservatory . My compositions have been performed by important musical ensembles. Continue reading Livio Claudio Bressan

Ergonomic Piano Bench Docs

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