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Christian Wawrzinek

Christian Wawrzinek is ComputerGameInventorDoc and more

Christian Wawrzinek (left) and his brother | Wawrzinek (li.) und sein Bruder

Christian Wawrzinek and his brother founded the Goodgame Studios . The studios are an online games company founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg, Germany.[5] The company has created several games, including Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Big Farm, Goodgame Galaxy, Goodgame Gangster, Goodgame Disco , Goodgame Fashion, Goodgame Poker, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages, Legends of Honor, and Infernals. Goodgame Disco and Goodgame Fashion were deleted in November 1, 2016. Continue reading Christian Wawrzinek

Roland Garve

Roland Garve is EthnoDoc and WriterDoc

In Neuguinea Garve visited the people of the Dani. They used to mumify their eminent warriers….

Garve has been travelling to nature tribes all over the world, bringing them health treatment as dentist with his mobile equipment and he was also documenting his experiences with photos and films. So he is author of several books and well-lknown in TV shows and in other media. Continue reading Roland Garve

Detlef Strathmann

Detlef Strathmann was BusinessDoc and JournalistDoc


Detlef Strathmann (1941-2001) the former owner of the Pharma-company Strathmann AG in Hamburg has started as a journalist, commenting in health columns of several magazines under different pseudonyms and thus selling lots of free drugs for beauty etc. He has been the inventor of the German word “Orangenhaut” (Cellulite) and using this in the magazines sold lots of ointment…. Continue reading Detlef Strathmann

Carlos A. Schumacher

Carlos A. Schumacher is PublisherDoc and RealEstateDoc


Carlos A. Schumacher when studying medicine liked to tell stories to children of his department – and they liked it absolutely. Later he went into research and founded his own pharmaceutical company. After a successful start-up he remembered his past with the children of the hospital and he decided to make such stories available to all children and he founded his “Hamburger Kinderbuch Verlag Dr. Carlos Schumacher”. Continue reading Carlos A. Schumacher

Fathijeh Chantal Mohsenian

Fathijeh Chantal Mohsenian is BalletDoc and PianoDoc

Born 1958 in Hamburg.
Classical ballett education with a russian teacher (Ludmilla Maltschanova, former solist in Riga and Opera of Hamburg) and with Jane Ibn, teacher from the Royal ballett school in London. Advanced courses in the Centre international de Dance in Cannes (Rosella Hightower) and in the Broadway Dance Center New York. Continue reading Fathijeh Chantal Mohsenian

Carl Claus Hagenbeck

Foto: Piel
Foto: Piel

Carl Claus Hagenbeck (* 1. November 1941 in Hamburg) is a German veterinarian (Studies in Hannover with Dr.med.vet.). From 1982 thru 2004 and 2007 thru 2012 thru 2015 he was CEO of the famous zoo of Hamburg.

Carl Claus Hagenbeck (* 1. November 1941 in Hamburg) ist ein deutscher Tierarzt. Er leitete von 1982 bis 2004 den Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg.

Von 1962 bis 1967 studierte er Veterinärmedizin an der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover und promovierte zum Dr. med. vet. Continue reading Carl Claus Hagenbeck

Isabel Vértes-Schütter

Isabel Vértes Schütter is TheatreDoc


Isabella Vértes-Schütter was born on April 22, 1962 in Hamburg/Germany as daughter of “Kammersängering” Helga Pilarczyk and the export manager Dr. István Vértes.
In the beginning she wanted to become medical doctor and passed the medical degree 1987 with “Promotion and Approbation”.
Already during her medical studies she began studying to be actress at Prof. Anne Marks-Rocke. Just besides she studied classical singing with Helga Pilarczyk and Prof. Hans Kagel and studied chanson and musical with Prof. Ursula Gompf. Continue reading Isabel Vértes-Schütter