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Heyo Eckel

Heyo Eckel is PoliticDoc and CharityDoc

Heyo Eckel (* 8. Februar 1935 in Berlin) is a German radiologist and had been working in the health politics. Besides he was co-founder of a foundation to help children of Tschernobyl and he assists prisoners of a prison near Göttingen.

Heyo Eckel (* 8. Februar 1935 in Berlin) ist ein deutscher Radiologe und ärztlicher Standespolitiker. Er war Mitbegründer der Stiftung “Kinder von Tschernobyl” und betreut immer noch die Gefangenen einer Justizvollzugsanstalt nahe Göttingen. Continue reading Heyo Eckel

Knut Höhler

Knut Höhler is ToughGuyDoc

Knut Höhler, born in 1983 is extreme sportsman. Living in Göttingen/Germany he was European Champion with Triathlon in the Junior ranking. He is member of the team LG Olympia Dortmund, his best time for 42,195 km is 2 hrs and 36 min. His preference is though extraordinary obstacle runs as Fisherman’s Friends Strongman Run in Weeze which he won 2011 as first stranger. He won the “Tough Guy Challenge a second time (12 km with 21 obstacles)! Continue reading Knut Höhler

Hans Walz

Hans Walz was InstrumentbuilderDoc


Folk music of the Harz (mountain chain in the middle of Germany) area has fascinated Dr.med. Hans Walz, especially when performed on historical Harz instruments like the “devils violin” or the “Hillebille”. The general practitioner and lung specialist who settled his office in the little town Stiege in the eastern Harz does not only like the music but builds these special instruments. Continue reading Hans Walz