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Frank Weinrich

Frank Weinrich is GuitarDoc and BandLeaderDoc

Born at any cold day of December he lived in Alzenau/Germany with his family and besides making music he is doctor in an institution of children psychiatry. He has a professional musical background and has been touring Germany-wide with well-known artists as Top Sound, Fantasie and Bernd Schütz Band. He is leader of the band.

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Christian Golusda

Christian Golusda is ActorDoc, WriterDoc, BalletDoc and more

© Alfredo de Laat

Born December 1948. As child he danced in a ballet company with yearly performances in TV.  He was figureskating with “Rollschuhen” in Hamburg, he took singing lessons and became active as actor. Later he was directing theatre productions. He writes mainly children books and also makes the illustrations for them. He got a prize for the translation of a dutch book. Continue reading Christian Golusda

Dirk Rohrbach

Dirk Rohrbach is JournalistDoc and more

Dr. Dirk Rohrbach was born in Hanau near Frankfurt/Germany in 1968. He studied medicine in Frankfurt and got his doctorate degree in Halle (Saale) and Wittenberg. He started his journalistic career in Aschaffenburg/Germany at a local radio station. After his medical degree he changed to Antenne Bayern to Munich/Bavaria and went double-bind for years, moderating in the morning and working in an orthopedic doctors office in the afternoons. Continue reading Dirk Rohrbach

Alexander Mitscherlich

Alexander Mitscherlich was HistoryDoc and sort-of PoliticDoc

Alexander Mitscherlich (September 20, 1908 in Munich – June 26, 1982 in Frankfurt am Main) was a German psychoanalyst.

He had studied history and I found a statement citation of him saying the national socialists had forced him
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Bernd Holstiege

Bernd Holstiege is MarathonDoc, TriathlonDoc and more

Bernd Holstiege (left/links) with Joachim Fischer (middle/Mitte) – TriathlonDocs

Long distance running was my passion: about 50 marathon, 15 times 100 km-runs, 19 times IronMan-distance (once in Hawaii) and many Triathlons even double and triple Triathlons. Continue reading Bernd Holstiege

Andor Schmidt

Andor Schmidt is EventDoc, PianoDoc and CharityDoc


Dear colleague Ellenberger,

it is amazing how my modest musical activities are getting known. I play the piano from age 7 on though non-professional but for fun. In the last years I did not really have enough time to practise….
5 years ago I have added a little concert hall to my house about 50 sq meters up to 60 seats with a new Steinway D concert grand and thus fulfilled a dream. In this private setting I manage 6 to 8 house recitals per year, mainly for piano solo. For this purpose I have founded the Andor Schmidt foundation for promotion of young musicians” since I have no commercial interests.
I am recruiting my young pianists are mostly coming from the class of Lev Natochenny (Mani Ejiri, Evgenia Rubinova, Guoda Gedvilaite and others) from the Frankfurt music academy. We also have chamber music events with singing as well as Jazz recitals (Adomas Rekasius, Maggy Scott and others). I am sorry not to have a web page yet to give information. So far we have managed 36 concerts, and I hope for your interest to get our e-mail newsletter. Would be nice to find more interested listeners to our concerts via your web page!

With kind regards
Andor Schmidt


web office

Werner Bockelmann alias Jan Bochański

Werner Bockelmann alias Jan Bochański  is ComposerDoc, JournalistDoc, RallyeDoc, LawyerDoc,


Jan Bochański (natural name Werner Bockelmann) was born in St. Wendel/Saar/Germany as son of a doctor family (5th generation). After World War II he was in Melsungen/Germany where he got rare piano lessons and did not have composition but made his first attempts to compose. 1947 to 1953 he studied medicine and law in Homburg/Saar, Paris and Heidelberg. After his MD, thesis and specialisation in ophthalmology he worked scientifically and got severyl patents atz the Battelle-Institute. He settled as ophthalmologist in Oberursel/Germany, later in Frankfurt (Main). Continue reading Werner Bockelmann alias Jan Bochański