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Shiuh-Bin Fang

Shiuh-Bin Fang is TableTennisDoc and more


Dear Dr. Ellenberger,
I have received your forwarded message from my hospital’s webmaster. I had been a member of the orchestra in Taipei Medical College (University now) but I have graduated from TMC for about 10 years. Currently, I still played table tennis and played digital cameras but no performance in Clarinet. Hoping that these can be helpful!

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Ching-Hong Kao

Ching-Hong Kao is ConductorDoc and ViolinDoc


Having enjoyed 20 years of orchestra violin playing, sometimes concertmaster, including Taipei City Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra , ROC National Army Symphony Orchestra, and Taipei Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Playing: 1994 San Francisco (for American Academy of Ophthalmology), 1995 Taipei & Brisbane, Canberra (with PCOT) Continue reading Ching-Hong Kao

PCOT – Physicians Chamber Orchestra Taipei

In 1990, the Physicians’ Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan (PCOT) was founded by a group of talented and dedicated physicians and health care professionals. Since then, they have given more than one hundred concerts around the island, including regular performances in the National Concert Hall. They have developed an ensemble that is gaining national acclaim. Many of the nationally renowned musicians had been their guest conductors and soloists.  Continue reading PCOT – Physicians Chamber Orchestra Taipei