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HKMA trailwalker team

The HKMA (Hong Kong Medical Association) Trailwalkers have been participating in Trailwalker since 1994. The number of participants has increased from a teams of 4 persons in 1994 to 20 team of 4 persons in 2004. Trailwalker is a charitable event, over the years, they have raised over HK$20 million for the needy, the handicapped and the underprivileged to develop their best potentials in live, through improving education, medical care and rehabilitation services. Continue reading HKMA trailwalker team

HKMA football team


HKMA (Hong Kong Medical Association) Football Team

The outlook on life of many doctors has changed after the SARS. They now cherish more outdoor activities especially sports. To many, football is one of the most exciting and challenging sports, a game requiring both self-discipline and teamwork. It has been their “Dream” to have their own soccer teams. All through the years, many members have expressed their strong wish for a HKMA Football Team. At last, the good news has come – The Hong Kong Medical Association Football Team was born on 29 June 2003. Continue reading HKMA football team

HKMA Dragon Boat Racing Team(s)

HKMA Dragon Boat Team

To some of the robust members of the Association, the best way, as well as the most traditional way to celebrate Tuen Ng Festival is to participate in an ancient sport that can be dated back to centuries ago – the Dragon Boat Race! Under the enthusiastic and devoted leadership of Dr. Peter Cho-yiu Wong, the Hong Kong Medical Association Dragon Boat Team was born in 1990. Continue reading HKMA Dragon Boat Racing Team(s)