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Willy Schweden

Willy Schweden was ComedyDoc

Funny sketches were part of the Eilemann-Trio: Willy Schweden (died 2002), Günter Eilemann and Charlie Niedieck (died 1992). Komische Einlagen gehören zum Programm des Eilemann-Trios: Willy Schweden (gestorben 2002), Günter Eilemann und Charlie Niedieck (gestorben 1992).

The Cologne dentist Willy Schweden (died in 2002) was very successful in a carnival trio (guitar and vocal) and playing on cruise ships all over the world. Continue reading Willy Schweden

David Simon

David Simon was SpiritualDoc, TeacherDoc, WriterDoc

Co-founder of the Chopra Center

Dr. David Simon was a best-selling author, Chopra Center co-founder, and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. More than three decades ago as an anthropology student exploring humanity’s earliest communities and cultures, he was drawn to the understanding that the role of the doctor was much more than a disease technician; a true healer had to be a diagnostician, medicine man, psychotherapist, and priest – an expert navigator of the mind and spirit as well as of the physical body. Continue reading David Simon