Daniela Nicolae Badita

Daniela Nicolae Badita is PianoDoc, JournalistDoc and more

She has diplomas in general medicine and bacteriology and just finished training in infectious disease and surgery.
While awaiting her license to practise at the beginning of 2002 she is working as a producer of a jazz radio progam called
“The Jazz Collection”.

Mrs. Badita studied classical music as a young child. She discovered Jazz at the age of 14 and began to work on improvising style.
She continued playing jazz as a medical student and has participated in concerts, festivals in such cities as Vilnius, Lithuania
and Paris/France as well as in her own country. She won a $ 5.000 scholarship to Berklee college of music several years ago.
She has masters degrees in journalism and managing and marketing and five years of experience in producing jazz radio programs.
With piano solo recordings, jazz standard tunes and some compositions of her own she has enough material for an own CD.

Mrs. Badita believes that music can help people understand life and cope with difficulties. She also believes the pursuit of music prepares the musician for hard work and helps maintain a competitive spirit.

Contact: Daniela Nicolae Badita, Pitar Mos str., Nr. 27, #9, Bucharest 701511, Romania, Phone: +40 (21) 650 55 88
e-mail: d_nicolae@hotmail.com .

I had a telephone call with her from Naples/Italy and it was really nice: She played for me on the phone an own tune! WOW!
Maybe we can begin a cooperation with MusicDocs for her radio productions……. we discussed this.

We are making a CD exchange, too as with many music colleagues.



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