SUMO – Stellenbosch University Medical Orchestra

SUMO – Stellenbosch University Medical Orchestra

  • Start date
    Gegründet: Mai 2011
  • Mitglieder der Band
    The orchestra is conducted by the dynamic Reghardt Kühn.This year this group has grown to 35 musicians including health science and medical doctors from the hospitals around.

  • Heimatstadt
    Tygerberg Medical Campus at Cape Town South Africa
  • Kurze Beschreibung
    The Stellenbosch University Medical Orchestra (SUMO) is the only orchestra of its kind in South Africa.
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  • Ausführliche Beschreibung
    Our aim is to balance the enjoyment of playing together with producing music of an excellent standard.
  • Biografie
    2013: Stellenbosch Gala performance, Endler Hall, Stellenbosch
    Hugo Lambrechts auditorium performance
    2012: Mid-ye Mehr anzeigen
  • Aktueller Wohnort
    Tygerberg Medical Campus, Stellenbosch University
  • Geschäftsführer
    2014 Orchestra Committee: Karla Arends, Demi Dreyer and Louie Roux
  • Interessen der Band
    This year, 2014, we played some classical favourites: Offenbach’s Orpheus Ouverture, the beautiful and stately Kaiser Waltz Mehr anzeigen
  • E-Mail-Adresse
  • Weitere Konten
    • sumonotes(Twitter)
  • Webseite
    another piece with choir and solo singer:

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